People like to ask, why dresses? There are lots of naked ladies in art - their dresses must be somewhere. Dresses simultaneously evoke a human presence and an absence.

There is something in the dress form that gives me space to work. I have carried out 18 "100 Dresses" projects over the years, the last one in 2016 at the Symposium of Contemporary art in Baie St. Paul Quebec. For this project I set up my encaustic painting gear and paint 100 small paintings of dresses over 10 days. Each dress is inspired by something I observe about the experience of being in that place and time, and the show becomes a human landscape of the place.

Over the past few years, I have become interested in the dress as a sculptural form. You can find images of "See Through" and "The dress in the room" on my website as well, where I am working in plastic film and clear packing tape. The past two years or so, I have been mostly working in clay with the dress form. This interplay of presence and absence seems to become more poignant in an object that is made of traces of the touch of my hands.