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To get more information about Nicole's paintings, writing, performances or
workshops, email Nicole at
nbauberger at yahoo dot com.
You can find my paintings:

  • In Whitehorse, at Yukon Artists @Work Gallery (, Arts
    Underground (, and the Cadence Cycle Seasonal
    Gallery Nov-Feb.
  • In Dawson City, at The 40 Mile Gold Gallery June-Sept.
  • In Skagway, Alaska at Alaskan Artworks
  • In Yellowknife, at the Down to Earth Gallery
  • In St. Albert, at the Art Sales and Rental part of the Art Gallery of St. Albert.
  • In Calgary, at the Keystone Gallery (
  • In Burlington, Ontario at Ad Axiom Artworks, a.k.a Framesite, on Fairview
  • In Toronto, at XC Art restoration (
  • In Peterborough, at the Art Gallery of Peterborough Gift Shop.

You can read my articles at:
Nicole Bauberger
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