June of 2014 I will be extending my road series, Get There From Here, creating a southern loop. I'm
ffering interested people a chance to help out with gas and other expenses in exchange for some
cool stuff.

1. The project

Click here for more information about Get There from Here. Click here to see the series from
Montreal to F

In my original series across the country from Montreal, Toronto and Peterborough, I branched up
the Copperhead at Portage La Prairie.

This June I will drive back to Portage La Prairie and continue the series along the southern highway
to Vancouver, and then up to link back into the existing series in Dawson Creek.

I am doing this for at least two reasons:
Get There From Here is booked for the summer of 2016 at The Reach Museum Gallery in
Abbotsford, and I need to build them into the "map" of
Get There From Here, and
2. There are other galleries along the southern highway, in Regina and Moose Jaw for example,
whose populations might find this work interesting, so hopefully I will be able to show the series
there if I include their roads. I've already made plans to meet with the public gallery curator in
Moose Jaw.

2. The idea behind the offer

This project doesn't fit well into existing arts funding programs. I was also thinking that there's
something to be said for
connecting with people directly.e worthwhile to spend the time organizing
something to connect with people directly.
I know there are many people who found the road project compelling and interesting. I wondered if
they would like to help out with extending it. In my mind, art doesn't exist unless someone other than
the artist owns it. I'm hoping that this offer will not only help me with money for gas, camping, and
the occasional grilled cheese sandwich, but will create a community of people who also own this
project, and who will  value hearing about when it's shown or mentioned in the press, and maybe
chat it up with their friends.

3. The budget

I estimate that this trip will cost about $5000 in gas, camping, food on the road and art supplies.
This does not include art supplies I already have or things like oil changes or highway-friendly tires
for my truck.

4. The deal

I'm offering three basic deals, but I'm open to talking about other ideas.

Everyone who participates gets sent emails with links to the blog which I hope to keep while on the
road, as well as emails letting you know when the paintings you helped support will be exhibited. I
will also list your names as supporters when these works are exhibited.

Deal A - "Tank topper"

A $40 contribution gets you

A set of 4 blank raven art cards with envelopes ($24 retail value) sent to you by post

Deal B - "Day Driver"

An $80 contribution gets you the cards plus a
n original hand-drawn card sent from the road. I will
make a pencil sketch of something I can see from the road on the front of the card, and write to you
about what the painting experience has been like that day.

Deal C - "Painting Patron"

A $500 contribution gets you all of the above, plus one of the remaining
Listening to the Mountain
paintings, oil on cradled panel, 12x12" ($350 retail value), sent by Canada Post Expedited parcel.
Not all those visible on
these pages are still available, but many are. Send me a wish list of 5 before
May 28 and I'll let you know which I still have and send
your selection off to you before I depart June
1. If you are signing up for this deal after May 28, we will need to wait till mid-July to sort out
getting your painting to you.

Deal D - "Queen of Sheba"

This deal is only available to residents of Whitehorse.
A $1200 contribution gets you all of the above, plus an installation of up to 12 of the current
There From Here
road paintings in your home. I wilI come and install them for you, on an "art
ental" basis: you will not own them, but if they're not being exhibited, they can live at your house,
orr a period of two years after we start. If they're out on tour, I will replace them with up to 12 works
of the same basic format as a placeholder.
I will also take you out to coffee at Baked once I get home and we can chat about the painting trip.

If you are interested in participating, email me at nbauberger@yahoo.com. Please copy and paste
this email into your email program to reach me.

For contributors outside of Canada due to differences in postage, I might need to ask you to
contribute to shipping costs if you select Deal C.
Your piece of the road