Some Cyanotypes

These blue images are cyanotypes. Cyanotypes are created by treating
fabric or paper with a light-sensitive solution, and then placing them in
the sun or other source of UV light, with something between them and
the light. Where the solution develops, it turns blue; where it is blocked
from the light, it washes away.

Like the dresses, cyanotypes mark a space where something or
someone was, and where it is not anymore, but has left a record of its
shape, of the space it took up.

I wanted to try to use cyanotypes to capture something of the way the
dresses interact with light. They cast wonderful shadows and interesting
refractions. The cyanotypes catch less of this than I hoped, but I think
they catch enough to make them an interesting addition to the show.

I laid myself, clothed, on the silk unruyu paper. The fibres reminded me
of the overlapping layers of tape and zippy wrap in the dresses. It
seemed to me that images of the dresses themselves were better
caught on a smooth surface, but perhaps this light paper could catch
something different, with the fibres adding something in harmony with
the dresses.

People have asked me whether I lent my form to one of the dresses in
the show. For obvious reasons, it’s hard to create one of these forms on
oneself. However, it seems only fair to lend my own body to the project
as well. This print evokes something about touch and light that seems to
harmonize with the dresses, so it seemed to belong here.

Nicole Bauberger July 2017