See Through and The Dress in the Room
In 2011, I brought the dress form into sculpture, building dresses on people's bodies
using clear packing tape, removing and  installing them in the environment, resulting in an
evocative and ephemeral occupation of the landscape by these very human volumes.
See Through for Miles Canyon Whitehorse, Yukon Conservation society, August 2013

Dresses to See Through, Tombstones Territorial Park, YT, Sept 2011

The Emperor's New Dresses, Yukon Riverside Arts Festival, Dawson City YT, Aug 2011

A video from the Dawson process and exhibit by Glenn Piwowar.
During the summer of 2017 I took the dress forms to a different level. I created 50 forms on volunteers' bodies and filled
the Northern Front Studio Gallery with them, so that you had to brush through the dresses as if through willows too get
into the office space. Their light, transparency and presence transformed the space, and every time I dropped by after
hours that month more people were looking in the window, hoping to see the show.
There were four text that went with the show -
The Process, The Dress, The Room, and The Cyanotypes, which you can
click on and read. Some images from the show and the installation process follow:
photo credit Ateca Mills, Northern Front Studio, as well as
those that follow:
Sculptural Dress forms
I have been creating dress forms in sculpture, collaboratively with Claire
Strauss, Luann Baker-Johnson, and Marie Côté, as well as solo. My most
recent exhibition,
Change Room, featured work of this kind, and it continues
to evolve more quickly than I can document!
Click here for some glimpses of
Change Room. Click here for some related dress form sculptural work in clay
with Montréal artist Marie Côté.
Click here to see the porcelain dress coated
in beeswax burned in a bonfire.
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