Roadside Occupations

Roadside Occupations is a collaborative exhibition between
Teresa Vander Meer-Chassé, an Upper Tanana, White River
First Nation artist, and myself, an artist of settler ancestry.  
It's made up of two parts.

Get There From Here includes paintings I created at
roadside every 50 km across Canada east to west to north,
depicting the road and the landscape it passes through. In
Roadside Occupations, they are installed in sequence, with
the Indigenous languages and traditional territories the road
runs through written on the walls around them in willow
charcoal. Teresa helped me research how to best do this.

Scavenging for the Many Faces of Raven occupies the
centre of the space, with sculptural installation pieces made
in dialogue between Teresa and myself, using exploded tire
fragments collected from the sides of the road, evoking the
presence of Raven. Development of this work was
supported by the Canada Council's Creating, Knowing and
Sharing grant, as well as by the Yukon Advanced Artists
Award and Touring Artists Fund.

Roadside Occupations was well received at the Grimsby
Public Art Gallery this past summer, and we hope to find it
other venues.

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Faces of Raven

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