A few paintings from

This show was on display at the
Yukon Arts Centre Community
Gallery Feb 2 to 27 2010.

I started painting out of the back of
my truck during summers in the
Tombstones. Recently I've been
working this way in the wilds of

The show include
s my 5-panel
"Hillcrest to Downtown" series as
well as two plein air paintings of
Grey Mountain and Whitehorse
created during demos for the Arts
Centre last spring. One of these I
painted in the old Canadian Tire
parking lot. That seemed like it
wanted more.

So this f
all 2010, when it was warm
in November, I made a series of 6
small plein air paintings in the
Extra Foods parking lot from the
back of my truck. I also shot some
images and took them into the
studio this winter, developing them
into 3 canvases, two of them posted
detail from Zigzag
Pedestrian Sublime