Montreal's Mountain from St. Catherine's Street
Okay, so here's the idea. Listening to the Mountain is all good and going to the
Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery in  Montreal. One interesting sideline is that
Montreal is named for its little mountain, that park in the middle of town that
adds so much to Montreal quality of life, no matter where you're at on the
income scale.

This past October I traveled all over Montreal on foot and transit trying to get a
view of its mountain.

Finally back in my studio the idea gels. The gallery is on St. Catherine's Street. I
select three of the photos I took of the mountain from St. Catherine and paint
them. The plan is, the shape of the mountain will emerge from the three
paintings together, in a way similar to what emerges from the many paintings I
made of the mountain in the Tombstones Territorial Park, though not the same...

I was very pleased when hours and days and weeks of labour later, I put them
together, and the shape was there.

The series also links the street the FOFA gallery's on with its closest mountain,
which ties the show and its context together, resonating with the overall theme
of 'Place' that will tie the three shows on at the same time at the gallery

So here are the three images scaled so you can see the mountain, and then

These paintings w
ere purchased by a private collector.
Mont Royal de la Rue de la Montagne
Mont Royal de la Rue Peel
Mont Royal de la rue McGill College