Dress form sculpture, Fall 2019, with Marie Côté
Marie and I have been collaborating for two years now. We have a lovely
rapport going on.
Our work has been evolving towards Marie throwing vessels which I
modify into dress forms. We go back and forth to figure out how her
thrown vessel can give me opportunities in the dress sculpting.
During the two past sessions, we have used her usual porcelain, clay
found in an orchard which rings beautifully when played as a bell, and
polar ice clay, which is made by Plainsman and is a particularly white and
translucent porcelain, if you can get it thin enough.

Here are some images of work in progress, some fired, some not.
This is the first dress form
we made from a vessel
thrown by Marie. After
bisque-firing, we dipped it
into a slip of clay from a
Montreal construction site.
That slip mostly flaked off,
but we really loved the
resulting marks.

See more of this dress
This is a dress that was not
thrown by Marie, but
pinched by me, and then
worked at
leather-hardness, inspired
by the wind in some of
Marie's work.
here to see a few
more views of it.
This is a dress in Marie's
usual porcelain from a
vessel she threw. I left the
marks from throwing at the
hem of the skirt.
Click here
to see more views of it.
This dress had similar
surface workngs to the one
above, but I sanded it back
before firing.
Click here to
see more views of it.
This is a dress in Polar Ice
clay, not yet fired. The
surface treatment makes
me think of wind. The dress
as a whole has a sense of
stillness in movement. I
was singing 'How high the
moon' (Lewis-Hamilton) as I
worked on it. I can't wait to
see it fired. In the
here are some
more images of this one.
This is the other unfired
polar ice dress, with a
more sanded surface.
are more angles of that
These next two dresses
are made from recycled
found Québec clay. They
resound beautifully like bells
when struck after they're
fired. I can't wait to do an
installation with that. In the
meantime, I think they
looked interesting unfired
Click here to see more
angles of this one,
...and here to see more
angles of this one.