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Listening to the Mountain
Nicole Bauberger
Listening to the Mountain is a public gallery touring show of 154 paintings and two large format
multi-sheet drawings in installation with text written directly on the walls. It chronicles a
relationship I began with a mountain in the north end of the Tombstones Territorial Park over the
summers of 2003 and 2005.

I developed the show with the curatorial encouragement of Rhona Wenger, curator of the
Public Art Gallery. It has its first exhibition there in October 2006, and a catalogue was published.  
From there it travelled to the
Prairie Art Gallery in Grande Prairie Alberta, January - March 2007, and
it appeared in Sault Ste Marie at the
Art Gallery of Algoma opening May 31, 2007, through July 28.
Click here to see some (somewhat fuzzy) images of what it looked like in Sault Ste Marie. Click on
the small images on the AGA website to open them.

Click here to read an essay on the show commissioned by the Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery at
Concordia University when the show appeared there in February 2009.

It had its last full show at the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery in April of 2010.

In 2019 the Grimsby Public Art Gallery took 9 of the paintings into its permanent collection.

Individual paintings are now available for purchase.
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contact me if you would like further information about the show, or a copy of the catalogue.
The view in the doorway at the
Grimsby installation.
The mountain's perspective,
looking north.
lithocoal on drafting vellum,
12x24 feet.
The mountain's perspective, looking
charcoal on drafting vellum,
12x18 feet.
angled detail to show texture...
All 84 paintings of "Spring
snow to fall snow, 2005,"
angled to fit them all in.
Last paintings of "Spring snow to fall
snow 2003," to show text
Click here for more images from
this show.