Audience-inspired collaborative art and music

As part of the Created in the Canyon event presented by the
Yukon Conservation Society

With Keitha Clark, Graeme Poile, and Nicole Bauberger.
How it worked:

1. Audience members provided a word or sentence inspired by the Canyon

2. Nicole Bauberger created a piece of visual art responding to their word

3. Keitha Clark composed and then scored out a piece of music in response to
Nicole’s art (or visa versa)

4. Graeme Poile (Saturday) composed additional musical responses, as well as
created arrangements and accompaniments for Friday’s tunes.   

5. Created Live: All music and art was created and recorded on location at
Miles Canyon during the event.
Links to music videos:
Sing softly the river


Gurgle of the Water as it Hits the Rocks

Some pictures from the process in the Canyon:
Gallery of artworks:
coming soon - in the meantime check out the show at the Yukon
Arts Centre Community Gallery over the month of August.