Galerie Sandra Goldie Gallery, Montreal, QC
Goldensides appeared November 15-28 2007 at the Galerie Goldie on Greene Avenue in Westmount, Montreal.
Click here to link to that gallery. Click here to see installation shots from the show.

Goldensides is the culmination of a summer's painting in the Tombstones. The show was inspired by my touring
public gallery show,
Listening to the Mountain.
Using a similar process to that show, I chose one mountain, this time the one right across from the
campground in Tombstones Territorial Park.  I painted it from late June to mid September on one foot square
panels. On the back of many of them, I wrote to Goldensides before I painted it.

I created some pieces that were deliberate groupings of paintings, as well as a body of work just listening to
that mountain.
A summer's worth of Goldensides tracks the summer over 36 panels. That and some of the other
groupings, you can see below on this page.

When I got into my studio residency at
Studio 204 this fall, I realized I wanted to paint some large canvases to
go with the show. The image above is one of those;
Click here to see more of them

I also made small books to go with the show, as a way of making the writings on the back available for those
who want to read them. Contact me if you'd like to see or purchase copies.
A summer's worth of
36 1' square panels
Driving to Goldensides
9 1' square panels
The horizon
seen from
oil on
Eyes climb
16 panels
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more images
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individual small
And here for
Comin' round the