100 Dresses for Fort Simpson
June/July 2012
Nicole Bauberger
I had the privilege of being invited to Fort Simpson to undertake one of my 100 Dresses projects in late
June/early July 2012. I was hosted by the
Open Sky Creative Society.
I set up my encaustic gear in front of the Visitor Information Centre/Municipal Offices, as well as in a tipi near
the Arbour on the festival grounds. Some lovely children came and painted with me, as well as some
adventurous adults.

A small selection of the paintings produced for this project were selected to be included in
Boreawsomer", a show of work from the Dehcho region at Gallery 101 in Ottawa as part of the National Arts
"Northern Scene" festival. This has been a good motivation to get all of these images processed and
up online! As you scroll down, you will see each painting and its name beside it.
1. Afternoon towering cumulus dress
2. Mama and baby bear dress by the road
3. Dress of steak from the community feast
4. Dress with jeans.
5. 2 dresses roofing in the hot sun
6. Dress of bug bites
7. Metis dancer dress
8. Dress with a life ring
9. Raven dress in the mended road
10. Dress of bulldogs for a pulled-over car
(Bulldogs are what they call the enormous horseflies
that populate the Fort Simpson region in the summer)
11. Bulldog gown
12. Fire Ring dress
13. Dress of floating cottonwood fluff
14. Dress of rain turning into hail
15. Dress of two ravens
16. Caution dress
17. Dress in the road back down from Wrigley
18. Dress of forest fire trees
19. Dress featuring the bulldog
that drowned itself in my wax.
20. Dress driving
around in its truck
21. Slightly shy found feather dress
22. Dress bikes by with 2 dogs
23. Dress of Dandelion Fluff
24. Forest Horizon Dress
25. Dress made using found 6-pack plastic as a stencil
26. A swallowtail butterfly upside down is already a dress
27. Dress that's an island with a causeway
28. Northern Store watermelon dress
29. Bison dress by the road
30. Partly blown dandelion dress
31. Dress mowing the golf course
32. Loose dog dress trots by
33. Dress of cottonwood fluff found in the road
34. Little black dress for a red hydrant
with gold jewelry
35. Doll dress
36. Dress looking for a ride home
37. Dress in the cut bank across the river
38. Dress in a motorboat
39. Dress in the potholes by the side of the road
40. Cherry Slushie Dress
41. Public works dress
42. Dress of grass clippings
43. Inside the tipi dress
44. Tipi dress in a thunderstorm
45. Dress painting in a tipi in a thunderstorm, wondering
if this is still a good idea.
46. Dress Cloud across the river
47. Dress inspired by a wall tent
48. Red and white striped tent dress
49. Dress of tea keeps the rain from dampening my spirits
50. Rye and ginger dress with straw straps (for Sheila)
51. The nature dress. Emily and Tanisha's idea.
Emily and Tanisha were two girls who painted with
me several times. They had many paintings in the
"Guest Dress" section of the show, between them.
They were great company, and suggested a dress
with trees for the straps, water for the skirt, and fish
at the hem. I don't think this is exactly what they had
in mind, but it's my best go at it.
52. 8 peeled dress-sticks to gamble with
53. Golden dress that has a stone in one of its hands
(another one inspired by stick gambling)
54. Weathered wind sock dress
55. Little black dress high on a pole
56. Descending Seagull dress
57. Found shattered feather dress
58. Lilac dress
59. Dresses lining up with their plates
for the community feast
60. Dress with wings and pontoons
61. Muddy puddle in the roadway dress
62. Skinny poplar dress
down by the river
63. Dress coming out of
the morning mist - photo
didn't come out well, too
low contrast for the
64. 5 dresses judging a talent show
65. Dress in the tall grass
66. Dress that gets to play Johnny Landry's guitar
while campfire smoke blows over the stage
67. Dress of dried grass seed-heads
68. Dress made from a yard of dandelions
69. Dress of not-so-distant rain
70. Dress burning unattended
71. Dress Hole (golf course)
72. Dress of salt and pepper wings
on the golf club patio in a thunderstorm
73. Dress with unstable banks
74. Dress of two swallows
chasing each other
75. Three dresses drinking
down by the river on a
beautiful summer evening
76. 2-point tribar dress
77. Dress with flipflops
78. Death's Door:
Dress of dried bulldogs from the gallery doorsill
79. Protective dress of dragonflies
80. Smokin' fish dress
81. Pretend quillwork dress on pretend birchbark
82. Blue sky dress caught out in the rain, getting splotchy
83. Dress of hamburgers to lure people to an artist's talk
84. Dress inspired by Tracey's stew and bannock
86. Dress fiddling (she used to live here)
87. Only marginally successful beaded moccasin in wax
(beads are better)
88. Dress of found Métis braid
89. Dress sleeping in a
darkened room, sun high in
the sky
90. Two dresses in
head scarves waiting
for the Canada Day
91. Flag dress
92. Mounties' dress uniforms in the parade
93. Bike that's dressed up for the
94. ....in the Canada Day
canoe race
95. Pile of logs dress
96. Dress of BYO strawberries on the pancakes at the
Nahanni Inn (for Roxanne)
97. Dress that's moulting, struggling to fly
98. Take apart put together raven gown
99. What are you lookin' at lady?
100. Community dress, inspired by the Arbour
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