The Emperor's New Dresses
First I build dresses on people using
clear zippy wrap as a release agent
and packing tape for adhesive and

I cut the dresses up the back with
scissors, then retape them closed.
Then I install them on site. Their transparency makes them
a way of looking through them at the world and
considering what it is to wear this world. They invite the
viewer to consider how it would feel next to his or her skin.

They've been compared to snowflakes, since each is built
on an individual person, and to soap bubbles, as the
installation is temporary. They're also like the shed skins
of snakes. It makes some people think of people who
have passed away. They can be seen as the memory of
the space a person took up in space, which they're not
taking up just now, at least not in that place. A kind of
transcendence of the mundane packing materials they're
made of. They also call to mind to me questions of
packaging and femininity. I'm still figuring out what they're
about and would appreciate your ideas.
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Dress of drinking by the river - full of
empties I found along the Yukon riverside.
Dress that's just beginning to change.
One of my two pregnant dresses, on a
dwarf birch with leaves just starting to
turn colour.
Failed economic stimulus dress. I
installed it over an anthill and poured
ginger ale all over it. It looked really
lovely, but attracted no ants, no
Two dresses looking at each
other in the park.
Overall shot of park with
Seeing the dwarf birch foliage through
the skirt and belly of the dress...
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