100 Dresses for a Dawson City August
When I did the 100 Dresses at Studio 204 in March of 2007, I realized that the
process was a wonderful way of responding to a particular time and place. After 30
dresses or so, you've used up most of your preconceived ideas. Anything that walks
in the door is fair game to be made into a dress. I became very keen to use the
process in this way, to create a show responding to a particular time and place. If
you have a good idea for a place for the 100 dresses to take place, please

Anyway, I brought the 100 Dresses to Dawson city August 2007. Leslie Chapman of
the 40 Mile Gold Gallery hosted the project on her garden deck on 3rd Avenue in
Dawson City.

I hope to do 100 Dresses for the Homegrown Festival in Whitehorse May of 2008,
making dresses in response to the shows in that festival of local performance. There
are also plans in the works to do 100 dresses for Grande Prairie.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from Dawson.
Installation shots
Click here for images of
individual dresses