Road Projects
Nicole Bauberger
Links: CBC 6 o'clock news interview, May 2015. I apologize for the ad you have to go
through first.
Action video, painting in PEI, by CBC.
CBC PEI radio interview.

Web version of catalogue from Yukon Arts Centre Show, Blog from painting process
summer 2011,  Whitehorse to Inuvik, The Juneau Road, "Montreal to Inuvik on a Gallery
Cart". Also, check out my Montreal road/mountain sequence here.

Get There From Here appeared at the Art Gallery of St. Albert just north of Edmonton
August 2012, with an artist talk, and at the Art Gallery of Dawson Creek, AB, over the
summer of 2013, and at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery, Whitehorse YT, Nov
10-Dec 21, 2011

Landscape in Sequence, Yukon Artists @ Work Gallery, Whitehorse, YT, Sept 30-Oct 11
2011 was a related show, as well as:

The infinite road, The Canvas Community Arts Centre, Juneau Alaska USA, April 2011

Parking, Yukon Arts Centre Community Gallery, Whitehorse YT, Feb 2011

Yukon Drives,  The ODDGallery, Dawson City, YT, May/June 2009. The first 25 paintings
of Get There From Here, from Whitehorse to Inuvik, first appeared in this show.

Goldensides, Galerie Sandra Goldie, Montreal, PQ, November 2007 (first sequential road
The road plays a central role in the
way we experience the landscape,
especially as Canadians. It's our
commons, a common ground of
culture and experience as well as
use. A common set of problems.
Since 2008 I've undertaken on site
painting projects based on painting
"drives" at intervals, usually of 50
km (30mi). This has culminated in
Get There From Here, a touring
public gallery show of 2
20 one foot
square paintings with
accompanying booklets.
Click here to see a long stretch of the sequence
Montreal to Fairbanks.
In May of 2015 I painted St. John's Newfoundland across to Montreal. Then in July I painted from Prince George
up the Stewart Cassiar to link into my existing series at the  Alaska Highway. I'm currently painting the edge of
panels black and getting ready to make more of the booklets that accompany the show.
Get There From Here,
the trans-continental version, is
now on display at The Reach Museum Gallery in Abbotsford, BC for the fall of
2016 and
is booked for public galleries in Portage La Prairie, Swift Current and Medicine Hat in 2017.

June 2014, I painted the southern stretch of the trans-Canada drive, Portage La Prairie to Vancouver, then up
to Prince George. This will link Abbotsford into my "map" of paintings, where the show will be installed in the
summer of 2016. Please check out the blog I kept on the road
here.You may have to scroll down to get to the
road painting material, and it will go backwards in time.
Click here to see roads
around Baie St. Paul Quebec