Nicole Bauberger
I came up to the Yukon because of something that seemed to me to be happening
at the
horizon, something I wanted to paint.

But the Yukon landscape is genuinely overwhelming. So I chose one mountain to
paint over the course of a summer, from spring snow to fall snow, 2003. Then I did
it again, the summer of 2005. This notion culminated in the touring public gallery
Listening to the Mountain. Click here to see images and text about that
 Click here to read an essay about it by Dominic Hardy.

The show toured 5 different public galleries. It's been retired, and individual pieces
are now for sale.
Click here to get to the pages on which paintings are available
from that show.

Landscape in Sequence appeared at the Yukon Artists @ Work Gallery this past
fall. You'll find some images from that show on this page. Please
contact the artist
if you're interested in them.

I paint landscapes in oil, encaustic and sometimes acrylic. You can find them at
The Yukon Artists @ Work Gallery in Whitehorse, YT
The Yukon Art Society Gallery, Whitehorse YT
The Down to Earth Gallery in Yellowknife, NT
The Front Gallery, Edmonton AB
The Keystone Art Gallery, Calgary AB
Framesite, Burlington, ON
XC Art Restoration, Toronto ON
The Art Gallery of Peterborough Gift Shop,
and The Blue Tomato Art Gallery, Peterborough ON

and seasonally, in the summer, at the Forty Mile Gold Gallery in Dawson City, YT
and the Gathering of Spirits Gallery in Skagway, Alaska

and Nov-Dec at the Cadence Cycle Seasonal Gallery, in Whitehorse, YT.

as well as at the Yukon Gallery in Whitehorse, YT.
Will Pass #2. Encaustic on
encausticbord, 6x6", $150
Contact artist to inquire.
Above paintings are all 8x8" oil on
gessobord cradled panels, $250.
contact the artist to inquire
about purchase.