Collaborations with other artists nourish my art practice. Please click
on their names to see more about these artists themselves, and click
on the project to learn about what we do together.

I collaborate with:

Teresa Vander Meer Chassé, using sculptural installations in
Scavenging for the Many Faces of Raven and
Roadside Occupations

Jeanine Baker, on fused glass, glass sculpture and painting on
glass, for our
Shatterlings project.

Luann Baker-Johnson, and the artists at Lumel Studios, on blown
glass sculpture and painting and sandblasting images on their blown
glass vessels.

Jessica Vellenga, on Doily Webs and Webbed Space.

Marie Côté, on dress-form ceramic sculpture and painting on her
thrown porcelain vessels, often using found Yukon clay.

Jeff Macklin, at Jackson Creek Press, on book works, as Candle Ice

Keitha Clark, on music and storytelling, and other

My students, as an
arts educator.