100 Dresses for Baie St. Paul, Québec

pour les autres artistes**for the other artists
les routes autour de BSP***roads around BSP
1.A  cloud-dress in front of the
mountains beside the 138
2. Orange traffic cone dress to
cover road repairs.
3. Three dresses of local cheeses.
4. A dress-island you cannot
get close to. sold.
5. Waterfall dress (Mill River)
(mobility of water).
6. Vapour trail dress crossed
by electric wires.
7. A dress of take out pork.
8. Birdge-dress to cross the creek.
9. A black eyed susan dress (which you
see everywhere) (mobility of seeds,
a dress of bananas (mobility of food),
as you wish.
10. A dress on her bike.
11. Two dresses sit on the
porch at dusk watching the
world go by.
12. Dress of the smell of manure that
comes into the house (mobility of smells).
13. The Perseids hide behind a dress
of clouds (invisible mobility).
14. A house dressed in ivy (mobility vs.
15. Dress of fire, inside a dress
of safety.
16. Pale blue dress for a baby
17.Two dresses stroll
along the beach at low
18. Stone dress in the cemetery (no
more mobility, conflicts with changes in
the town?)
19. A dress of Italian Chianti.
20. A dress of coffee beans
roasted here which grew
21. A dress of birds flying in
the drizzle (sold)
22. A motionless ceder dress
beside a house.
23. Trying on the beers
of Charlevoix
24. Two dresses in the
blue TV light watching
the Olympics in Rio
(mobility of images)
25. A dress of Symposium
26. Dress with a dress in a
27. Dresses line dancing
in front of the church.
28.  A beard-dress
encountered in
cheek-kissing (mobility of
style; we're in the country)
29. Cloud dresses along the
edge of other clouds.
30. A dress of the tide
rolling in over the beach.
31. A dress of little green
apples fallen in the shadow of
the apple tree.
32 A dress on a mobility
33. Dress on a  'stand-up
34. Dress of sea
grass, standing up
because of the high
tide, lying down.
35. A kite dress over the
36. A dress of moonlight on
the River Gouffre.
37. A gentleman sells a lovely
dress of fruit and vegetables
from Orleans Island from his
38. Dress of fluids lost from
an RV in a parking space.
39.Three dresses carrying
electricity over the hills.
40. Long dress in the hospital
41. A dress of flowers to
embellish the town (for the
visitors?) sold.
42.  Dress with steeples for
straps (mobility towards heaven).
43. Four cow-spot dresses,
which move slowly and not
very far.
44. Dress with something to
sell, festival evenings
45. Placemat dress under a
pitcher of beer at the tavern.

46. A dress in a field of
new-mown hay in the morning.
47. A dress of trees swaying in
the wind
48. A dress-rock in the river
with cormorant straps
49. A dress working
on the ferry to Isle
aux Coudres
50. Sky dress in a
puddle that blocks
the tr
51. A big dress-house well
placed above the bay.
52. A lovely blue dress for the
man in front of the library, to
prevent him being fondled by
53. A summer dress, made in
India and sold here.
54. Sweet and juicy dress from
'Île d'Orléans
55. A dress of annoying flies
hey move fast but they don't
56.  A dress of "rayons
de dieu
, (mobility of light)
57. A dress of stones to
commemorate the visit.
58. A dress of pétanque
60. Maple keys dress (mobility
of seeds)
61. Four litttle Franciscan
disembarking onto a  
in the middle of the river
62. Dress-habit for a nun from  
who's going to
63. Cat tails dress (rootedness)
64. Two dresses pulling the
65. A dress of beer cans left on the beach
66. Dress-ticket to come in
(controlling mobility)
67. Wild strawberry dress tries to cross
the road (but why?)
68. A dress that sings in English; two
other dresses pass in front.
69. On a hot day, the breeze
from the river blows under my
59. A big boat in the river with
two structures that resemble
70. A dress of classical music
comes out of the church by the
71. A cat-dress crosses the
road at night
72. Two dresses wading
at the beach.
73. A big summer sky-dress
with a little dress of darkness

y of water and
74. A dress of hollyhocks (why
all the artificial flowers?
Maybe, mobility of the
75. A dress
making the trip to
and from Quebec
76.  A big dress of dirt for the
new hospital
(mobility of earth)
77. Two young dresses
with huge backpacks
leave town.
78. A dress sitting in a
wheelchair chats with
two friends in the back
of a pickup truck
79. A dress eats
mussels right next to
the corner
80. A dress modified from a
"star of
Charlevoix" (traditions,
y, rootedness)
81. A dress goes out in the
warm night to feel the rain on
her skiin
82. A delicate dress of
seaweed washed up on the
(ephemeral - mobility of
83. A dress-crow standing
in a wide green field,
before flight.
84. A very sweet Rosanna pie
dress (mobility of dental enamel)
85. A dress sails with
the possibility of
whales underneath
86. A dress of
spruce trees at the
point, as a
87. A dress of l'Azulée
lavendar (mobility of smells)
88. A dead frog dress beside
the road.
89. A dress-waterfall of birch
bark found on the trail right
beside the waterfall
(the gifrs
of hiking
) (ephemeral)
90. A dress of fallen feathers
that remember the sky
change of place, persistence
of memory
91. A dress of baguettes, easy
to carry (easy to wear)
92. Dresses and wind
on the line in the
(mobility of
93. A dress in the light in the
94. A dress of the absence of
cedar clippings
95. Three dresses bathing
in a waterfall despite the
fact that it's private
(human mobility
on the landscape
96. Two dresses on
cargo ships which pass
early in the morning.
97.  Double-silo dress at dawn
(mobility of the seasons)
98. Terrified dress on the pipe
who will have earned her swim.
99. A dress stretched out
in a hammock with a good
glass of white wine.
100. Halter-neck suitcase
dress, all ready to return to the