Arts Educator
Nicole Bauberger
Over the past 20 years I've taught countless art and arts related
workshops, from encaustic workshops, to Painting level 2 at Algoma
University College, to 10 foot tall puppet workshops, to creative writing
and poetry, and so on. I'm an adaptable and resourceful teacher who's
committed to supporting the artist in the students I work with. I offered a
course called "How Paint Works" this past December (2011).

I think in some ways that you can't really teach art, but you can certainly
as a teacher create situations to support an artist's learning. I think
there's a lot to be said for the teaching that can happen just by working
side by side.  I'm excited that a student will be joining me in my studio in
February to work on a painting of her own and use me as a resource
along the way.

I love to teach workshops as a way of amplifying the impact of an art
show I'm bringing to a community.

100 Dresses painting projects include an opportunity for the public
to paint alongside me and even take part in the show.

In the past I've undertaken major mural projects with schools, often
using glazing techniques in acrylics.

(photos to come)