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Nicole Bauberger
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100 Dresses for Baie-St-Paul
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100 Dresses for the Chilkoot Trail
100 Dresses for Fort Simpson
TREX exhibition schedule for Alberta
artist statement
100 Dresses for West Vancouver
during the Olympics
100 Dresses for the Depths of
Winter in Haines Junction
100 Dresses for St. Albert
100 Dresses for Calgary
100 Dresses for Peterborough
100 Dresses for February in Montreal
100 Dresses for Grande Prairie
100 Dresses for Inuvik
100 Dresses for June's Burgeoning
100 Dresses for Nakai's HomeGrown
100 Dresses for a Yellowknife May
100 Dresses for a Juneau April
100 Dresses for December's
Deepening Dark
100 Dresses for a Dawson City
First 100 Dresses
My 100 Dresses projects engage people with
their sense of place. They began (and continue)
as painting projects, where I paint 100 small
encaustic paintings of dresses on site, all
inspired by that particular time and place, and
invite others to do so with me, resulting in a
portrait of a place in 100 small details, carefully
observed and whimsically rendered.

You can see many of the dresses by following
the links below. Enjoy. They're a hybrid creative
writing/visual art project, so seeing the image
and reading its name are equally important.
Three dresses and their shadows skiing by moonlight, from 100 Dresses for Haines Junction.n
Since 2011, I have moved into sculpture, building dresses on people's bodies using clear
packing tape, removing and  installing them in the environment, resulting in an evocative
and ephemeral occupation of the landscape by these very human volumes.
See Through for Miles Canyon Whitehorse, Yukon Conservation society, August 2013

Dresses to See Through, Tombstones Territorial Park, YT, Sept 2011

The Emperor's New Dresses, Yukon Riverside Arts Festival, Dawson City YT, Aug 2011

A video from the Dawson process and exhibit by Glenn Piwowar.
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about sculptural dress